Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In Dubai, the temperature stays hot all year and the weather is almost always predictable. The temperature ranges from around 68 degrees in the winter to 95 degrees in the summer. The average temperature for the entire year is 81 degrees. The nation receives 4 to 5 inches of rain every year. The reason for the little rain and high temperatures is that Dubai lies in a desert belt. It is wise to stay out of Dubai in the summer. In the summer, there can be up to 11 hours of hot sunlight every day. Up in the mountains, though, the temperature can drop lower than 50 degrees. Dubai has seen thunderstorms, massive amounts of fog, fast winds, and sand storms. The weather in Dubai is very different from that of Kansas City's. In Kansas ,the weather changes through the year and we can get unexpected storms or cold fronts.

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Friday, February 20th- 62- 78F, Clear with 73% Humidity
Saturday, February 21st- 66- 91F, Clear and warm and sunny
Sunday, February 22nd- 65- 80F, Clear with a 50% chance of humidity

Monday, February 23rd- 65- 88F, Clear sky with a light breeze
Tuesday, February 24th- 63- 88F, Sunny, no wind, and 0% chance of precipitation
Wednesday, February 25th- 66- 87F, Partly cloudy with 51% chance of humidity
Thursday, February 26th- 68- 88F, Clear sky with 53% chance of humidity
Friday, February 27th- 71- 91F, Sunny sky with 29% humidity
Saturday, February 28th- 81- 97F, DUST STORM

Sunday, March 1st- 69- 84F, Sunny with some wind
Monday, March 2nd- 60- 82F, Partly cloudy with 52% humidity
Tuesday, March 3rd- 66- 85F, Partly cloudy with 90% humidity
Wednesday, March 4th- 61- 84F, Clear with 73% humidity
Thursday, March 5th- 66- 82F
Friday, March 6th- Clear, 57% humidity

Saturday, March 7th- 61- 79, sunny sky.... again
Sunday, March 8th- 63- 88F, Fair sky all day!!
Monday, March 9th- 66- 99F, SUNSHINE
Tuesday, March 10th- 72F Currently, Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious weather (sunny)

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