Welcome to Ms. Decedue's Science Wiki Page!

We are going to be working on a project covering weather around the world. With your group - you will research your assigned city and its weather. You will track the weather of your city every day for 2 weeks. On your wiki page, you need to include:

  • the daily high/low temps
  • the daily forecasts (was there precipitation? was it sunny?)
  • the typical weather for that city for each season (if we were living in your city, what would we expect to encounter during the year? Would we have cold winters and warm summers? Would it be dry or rainy? How is it different from weather in Kansas?)
  • Severe weather concerns

You will be presenting this information on March 10-11. You will be graded on your presentation, providing the information, and the wiki-page. Remember, the wiki logs you in, each group member must participate equally on the task!!

This project is worth 100 points.